13 June 2023

When the Robot Is Racist: What Employers Should...

Artificial Intelligence is exploding.  Everywhere we look, there are those concerned or excited by the potential that AI brings.  On one hand, Hollywood writers, novelists, and artists are concerned that AI will replace their creative works with lower-quality combinations of others’ intellectual property.  On the flip side, businesses see opportunities to streamline workflow, decreasing expenditures […]

07 June 2023

Episode 42 – I-9 Rules Return: There is W...

The Department of Homeland Security announced the end of the I-9 deferral policy that allowed employers with remote-work employees to inspect their employee’s I-9 verification documents remotely and within three days of the new employee’s first day of work. Miller Johnson attorneys Rebecca Strauss and Mike Stroster explain how to navigate the return to the […]

06 June 2023

Title IX Athletic Regulations Notice of Propose...

5 Minute Message Video Series  In this 5 Minute Message, Jessica Swartz provides an update on the U.S. Department of Education’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for its proposed amendments to Title IX Athletic Regulations and identifies where we are now and what this means for schools. As noted in this message, here’s more information […]

30 May 2023

LGBTQ+ Rights in the Workplace

The legal landscape of LGBTQ rights in the workplace has rapidly evolved in the last few years. Employers cannot and should not ignore this issue. In particular, courts and state legislatures have been sorting through the issue of whether anti-discrimination statutes extend their protections to those who identify as LGBTQ. Following the Supreme Court’s decision […]

25 May 2023

Governmental Immunity and Schools

5 Minute Message Video Series In this 5 Minute Message, Adam Walker summarizes the recent Oxford Schools decision and what governmental immunity means for schools. Watch the 5 Minute Message here.  Stay Connected With Us: Email: Want to receive Miller Johnson’s education law email updates? Subscribe here and check the “Education Law” email list. YouTube: […]

25 May 2023

Episode 3 – Understanding Charitable Rema...

Understanding Charitable Remainder Unitrusts (CRUTs) In this episode of West Michigan Philanthropy, Miller Johnson Attorney John T. McFarland, and Carolyn Kley Fanning, with Hillsdale College, discuss the ins and outs of Charitable Remainder Unitrusts (CRUTs).  CRUTs provide taxpayers with the opportunity to bypass capital gains taxes, increase income, and obtain a charitable income tax deduction.  […]

24 May 2023

Episode 41 – Pregnant Workers Fairness Ac...

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act goes into effect June 27, 2023 and requires employers to provide accommodations to pregnant employees. Miller Johnson attorneys Rebecca Strauss and Sarah Willey explain the changes and what employees need to do to prepare. You can also listen to this and future episodes by subscribing to the “Lawyers Off the […]

18 May 2023

Prohibitive Subjects of Bargaining for Schools

5 Minute Message Video Series In this 5 Minute Message, Bob Schindler discusses the potential legislation to remove prohibitive subjects of bargaining from the Michigan Public Employment Relations Act and what this could mean for schools. Watch the 5 Minute Message here. Stay Connected With Us: Email: Want to receive Miller Johnson’s education law email […]

16 May 2023

The Pandemic Is Over; What’s Left of Protected ...

After more than three years of COVID-19 compliance challenges in the United States, May 11, 2023 marked the end of the federal COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) declaration, as well as the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for Federal employees, Federal contractors, and international air travelers.[1] While many COVID-19 related laws expired long before the end of […]

11 May 2023

End of School Year: Michigan Legislative Update...

5 Minute Message Video Series In this 5 Minute Message, Bob Schindler summarizes the Michigan legislative activity and bills that have gone through the state legislature this year and what they mean for schools. In particular, he discusses, the Right To Work repeal; the Prevailing Wage Act; the Michigan 3rd grade reading law; HB 4166 […]