The attorneys who comprise Miller Johnson’s FMLA/ADA Solutions practice area guide organizations large and small through the complexities of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  Since the act was enacted in 1993, our attorneys have had experience with every facet of the law and how it impacts employers, and we know how confusing and inefficient particular applications of the FMLA can be.

On top of the one-to-one, ongoing counsel we provide every client, our group offers annual workshops and seminar sessions on the FMLA and specific case studies.  We also speak on FMLA throughout West Michigan, the state and the nation, and are frequent contributors to various publications about this complex law.

We seek creative solutions to our clients’ challenges  Our hands-on approach means that your hands need no longer be tied where the FMLA is concerned. Our FMLA specialists always have the latest information and the most effective strategies for managing FMLA absences and workforce demands. There may be a solution where you least expect it, so let our FMLA team help you unscramble the FMLA puzzle.

Our team offers:

  • Practical counseling on every day FMLA dilemmas
  • Training for human resources, managers and supervisors using real-life scenarios
  • The creation of attendance protocols that require notice and details for FMLA absences
  • Customized forms, including medical certification documents
  • Guidance on how the FMLA interplays with other employment laws
  • Easy-to-read flow charts summarizing FMLA processes
  • Creative management solutions to your most vexing FMLA problems
  • Overall review and improvement of FMLA procedures

We’ve heard it all, and these are among the most common:

  • How can I better track FMLA absences?
  • How can I require employees to provide more notice of intermittent FMLA leave?
  • How can I require employees to verify that FMLA leave is for legitimate reasons?
  • How can I get employees back to work?
  • What can I do to make medical certification forms more helpful?
  • When should I get a second opinion?  How can I make it a meaningful process?
  • How can I structure a bonus plan that rewards the best employees?
  • How can I be sure that supervisors and managers are following the FMLA?
  • How can I streamline FMLA and STD paperwork?

The Family Medical Leave Act is complicated and raises many questions for employers and employees. Miller Johnson’s FMLA Solutions practice group provides practical proactive counsel as well as training for human resources, managers and supervisors.