Title Insurance House Puzzel
17 July 2018

Understanding Title Insurance Endorsements

Miller Johnson attorney Matt Van Dyk and Fred Perlini of Chicago Title are discussing title insurance focusing mainly on a commercial context.  Topics discussed include a basic summary of what coverage one gets with title insurance, deleting exceptions, mitigation or shifting of risk through means like an seller’s affidavit, handling of survey issues, zoning endorsements and […]

Environmental Provisions
03 July 2018

Environmental Provisions to Consider in a Prope...

Miller Johnson attorneys Jim Ens, Alan Schwartz and Matt Van Dyk discuss negotiating environmental provisions in a lease agreement for commercial or industrial property.  Topics include environmental concerns for prospective tenants, avoiding liability, Michigan commercial lease exceptions to tenant liability for property contamination and clean up, securing lang control in a lease situation so a […]

19 June 2018

Understanding Easements

Miller Johnson attorneys Grant Schertzing, Cindy Ortega, and Karen Custer discuss easements and easement related issues.  Topics include what is an easement, who can hold an easement, what types of things are covered by easements, what is the difference between an easement and a license, the importance of having an easement in writing and then […]

Due Diligence
05 June 2018

Guidance on the Due Diligence Process After a S...

Miller Johnson attorneys Karen Custer, Erick Starck and JJHenn discuss what should be done after a sales agreement has been signed. Topics include buyer and seller responsibilities including title commitment, evidence of financing approvals, physical inspections, envirnomnental due diligence, surveys, and more.

Document Review
22 May 2018

Traps in Guaranties

Miller Johnson attorneys Grant Schertzing, Jim Ens and Alan Schwartz discuss what to look out for in guaranties in real estate deals.  Topics include what are guaranties?, type of guaranties, insights from both the lender’s and buyer’s perspective on guaranties, guarantor defaults, and much more.  

10 May 2018

Why Real Estate Surveys Are Important

Miller Johnson real estate attorneys Rachel Hillegonds, Karen Custer and Alan Schwartz discuss real estate surveys and why it is important to get one in a real estate transaction.  Additional topics include types of surveys, what information surveyors need to successfully complete a survey, and reviewing the survey and title documents for discrepancies.

Construction Zone
24 April 2018

Construction Contracts Do’s and Don’ts

Miller Johnson attorneys Jeff Ammon and Matt Van Dyk talk about construction contracts. They will be discussing Do’s and Don’ts as well at tips and traps for owners as well as contractors. The most commonly used contracts are from the form set from the American Institute of Architects (AIA Forms). Jeff and Matt talk contract […]

Michigan Supreme Court
10 April 2018

How Michigan Supreme Court Decision Helps Chari...

Miller Johnson attorneys JJ Henn, Bob O’Brien and Dan Perk discuss the recent Michigan Supreme Court decision in Baruch SLS, Inc. v. Twp of Tittabawassee and the decision that clarified charitable property tax exemption to charitable organizations. This decision is important for a couple of reasons. First, this decision will apply to all nonprofits that […]

Business Agreement
27 March 2018

Understanding SNDAs with Landlords, Tenants and...

Miller Johnson attorneys Alan Schwartz, Matt Van Dyk and Jim Ens discuss Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment agreements, otherwise know as SNDAs, and the relative rights of commercial tenants and lenders who hold mortgages on the property that is being leased. Alan, Matt and Jim cover the terminology used in SNDAs, what an SNDA accomplishes, why […]

Section 1031 Exchanges
13 March 2018

Pros & Cons of Section 1031 Exchanges When...

In this podcast Jim Ens, Cindy Ortega and J.J. Henn discuss Section 1031 Exchanges, also referred to as deferred like-kind exchanges. Topics covered include what is a Section 1031 Exchange and when is it used, what is the benefit of using this sales vehicle, along with who is involved in this type of transaction and […]