Miller Johnson attorneys have extensive experience in assisting employers with issues related to workplace harassment, including sex and race-based workplace harassment. Attorneys at Miller Johnson are integrally involved in their clients’ strategic plans to combat and correct this sort of behavior, and are regularly called upon to:

  • Draft effective anti-harassment policies and procedures, or review existing policies to ensure compliance with current legal standards
  • Train supervisors to recognize, prevent, and correct all forms of harassment in the workplace
  • Train lower-level employees to recognize, avoid, and report workplace harassment
  • Investigate allegations of harassment in the workplace
  • Advise and consult with clients conducting internal investigation of alleged workplace harassment
  • Counsel and advise clients as to the appropriate remedial action to be taken in the event that harassment or other inappropriate workplace conduct has occurred
  • Defend and counsel employers in administrative proceedings before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and numerous state civil rights agencies
  • Conciliate or mediate allegations of workplace harassment prior to litigation
  • Defend employers against allegations of harassment in state and federal courts

Miller Johnson attorneys are also experienced in dealing with claims of retaliation, constructive discharge, infliction of emotional distress, and the numerous other allegations that frequently go hand-in-hand with allegations of workplace harassment.

Although Miller Johnson’s primary goal for its clients is to prevent such allegations from ever occurring, we recognize that the realities of the workplace prevent the employer from being everywhere at once. When the unavoidable occurs, thorough familiarity with the law of workplace harassment as well as wide-ranging experience with the innumerable factual scenarios that can lead to allegations of harassment enable Miller Johnson to help its clients deal with allegations promptly, effectively and satisfactorily.