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Commentary on the latest news and developments in issues that matter to our clients.

13 March 2018

Pros & Cons of Section 1031 Exchanges When...

In this podcast Jim Ens, Cindy Ortega and J.J. Henn discuss Section 1031 Exchanges, also referred to as deferred like-kind exchanges. Topics covered include what is a Section 1031 Exchange and when is it used, what is the benefit of using this sales vehicle, along with who is involved in this type of transaction and […]

27 February 2018

Triple Net Leases vs Gross Leases

Jeff Ammon, Jim Ens and Cindy Ortega discuss Triple Net Leases and Gross Leases.  Topics covered include things to look out for specific to each type of lease, who typically uses each type of lease, what are the pitfalls and protections for landlords and tenants for each type, managing lease expectations, issues related to insurance […]

13 February 2018

Tips for Getting a Zoning Change Approved

Miller Johnson real estate attorneys Jeff Ammon, Cindy Ortega and Matt VanDyk discuss Zoning Administrators in this latest podcast.  Listen while they give dos and don’ts when you find you need to request a zoning change like a change in use, variances, or setbacks.    Additional info on locating the zoning map or master plan for […]

18 January 2018

Understanding Uncapping of Commercial Property ...

Miller Johnson real estate attorneys Cindy Ortega, Matt Van Dyk and Eric Starck focus on uncapping of Michigan property taxes in commercial transactions in this podcast episode.  Topics include property tax terminology, how is a property’s taxable value determined, when does a property’s taxable value get reset, or “uncapped,” to the state’s estimated value, timing of […]

11 January 2018

Looking Back at Our 2017 Privacy and Cybersecur...

We ended 2017 by making predictions about what 2018 will bring to the privacy and cybersecurity world.  We’ll start 2018 by looking at how we fared in our 2017 predictions.  Spoiler alert, we nailed it. Expansion of Breach Notification Requirements We’ll give ourselves half credit for this one. While some states took action, Michigan did not […]

03 January 2018

What to Know About Appealing Property Taxes ...

January in Michigan will bring your 2018 property tax assessment notices. Deadlines to appeal begin to run as early as February. In this episode, Jeff Ammon, Bob O’Brien and JJ Henn alert you to the very short and sometimes confusing deadlines for addressing property tax issues in Michigan.  They will cover how to understand your […]

19 December 2017

Why Real Estate Brokers Are Important

In this podcast, Miller Johnson Real Estate Attorneys Eric Starck, Jim Ens and Matt Van Dyk discuss the important role of the real estate broker in both leasing space and buying or selling a property.  Our attorneys regularly recommend the parties have a broker for a variety of reasons including both sides being better informed, […]

14 December 2017

Cybersecurity Trends to Watch for in 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, the Miller Johnson Privacy & Cybersecurity team takes a moment to reflect on the past year to help predict cybersecurity trends in 2018. In 2017, our clients experienced an unprecedented number of cyber-incidents and data breaches. Our small to medium-sized business clients were impacted most. These attacks coincided with […]

05 December 2017

Off the Record – Failing to Record a Deed

Attorneys Rachel Hillegonds, Grant Schertzing and JJ Henn discuss the rules regarding recording a property deed.  Topics include the Michigan Recording Act, bonafide purchasers, valuable consideration, constructive notice, putting third parties on notice of property interest, requirements of recording documents, and much more.