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Join us monthly as Private Client attorney Teresa Rajala discusses the Florida-Michigan Law Connection and how it applies to Michigan Snow Birds.

29 June 2022

Florida’s Homestead Rules—The Best Benefit unde...

Last month, I detailed steps you can take to establish residency in Florida (found here).  In the next few installments of my Snowbird Series, I will review Florida’s homestead laws so you can see how they might apply to your situation.  Homestead is one of the most frequently misunderstood aspects of Florida law. The first […]

25 May 2022

Making the Move from Michigan to Florida? Learn...

Each year, clients evaluate whether they would be better served to move their legal domicile to Florida. Many clients are drawn to Florida not just for the sun and sand, but also for the favorable tax rules and other things that Florida has to offer. Florida’s tax system is very appealing to those who have […]