Technology and E-Commerce

While the mainstream media has not generally recognized it, West Michigan is becoming a significant participant in the technology and e-commerce boom. West Michigan’s strong manufacturing and service sectors have served as an excellent incubator to allow many technology oriented businesses to develop.

Miller Johnson has been very fortunate to have the experience and market presence that have resulted in a significant volume of technology-related legal services for clients who have grown dramatically in this service sector.

Intellectual property legal services are central to the needs of clients in this area. The demand for our patent services has increased significantly, especially now that a person or entity may patent a process and not just a tangible good. In addition, West Michigan’s many software development firms are in regular need of copyright services.

Another significant area of service relating to technology and e-commerce is contracting and compliance. Our Practice Group attorneys have extensive experience in the area of defining the terms and scope of licensing associated with either a patented or copyrighted product. Other contracting services include software development agreements, Web site hosting and creation agreements, equity offering documents, technology business acquisition documents, and general contracting, such as consulting agreements.

In addition, as the use of the Internet continues to expand, the range of legal compliance issues will continue to increase. This Practice Group continues to monitor all developments to federal and state legislative and regulatory levels which are addressing everything from privacy rights to electronic contracting.

Frankly, the range of the Practice Group’s services is a reflection of the broad diversity of our clients in this area. We have represented companies who rely upon technology in each of the following areas:

  • Telephone companies and long distance resellers
  • Internet service providers
  • Software development firms
  • Full-service hardware and software integration firms
  • Application service providers
  • “.Com” businesses
  • Technology consulting firms

Miller Johnson’s Technology and E-commerce Practice Group is excited as it continues to draw upon this excellent experience to realize the broad number of opportunities which are emerging as our society continues to embrace technology.