21 March 2023

Still Looking for Employees? Try Boomerangs

The American employer is in a tough spot.  When the pandemic hit, many employers were forced to close their doors—some permanently.  Then, the end of lockdowns also signaled the beginning of the Great Resignation.  Indeed, in 2021, about 47 million workers quit their jobs.  2022 was no better, as about 4 million workers quit in […]

13 December 2022

From Resignation to Recession: Riding the Econo...

The last few years have not been kind to employers.  Government‑initiated closures at the onset of the pandemic.  The Great Resignation.  A recession that, if it has not yet been felt by all employers, soon will be.  One could forgive businesses for feeling like they are being bullied on the economic playground.  To punch back […]

Parental Leave
15 November 2022

Paid Parental Leave: What to Consider When You’...

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.  Thirty years after Dr. John Gray published his famous relationship book, the planets have aligned to largely take the phrase out of orbit—for a number of reasons.  Among other explanations, society has overhauled how it thinks and talks about sex and gender—and the associated roles.  Add in […]

Election Leave
01 November 2022

Election Season: What Employers Should Know Abo...

It’s midterm season. Signs of the upcoming election are everywhere. Commercials on tv and radio. Signs at every intersection. Text messages. So many text messages. HOW DID THEY GET MY NUMBER?!? Sorry . . . we’ll save that for another time. Back on topic: it’s news to no one that November 8 is the day […]

Education Law: Parental Rights
26 October 2022

Michigan Legislature Adds Parental Rights Posti...

Earlier this year, the Michigan Legislature enacted Public Act 213 of 2022, which amends the Revised School Code. The law does not add any substantive obligations for Michigan’s public school districts. Instead, it merely requires local school districts, ISDs, and public school academies to prominently post certain portions of Michigan law in various areas of […]

04 October 2022

Sixth Circuit Green Lights Ohio State Title IX ...

Last month, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal of a Title IX action initiated by several individuals who claimed they were abused by a physician at the Ohio State University between 1978 and 1998.  Although the University claimed that the claims fell well beyond the statute of limitations, the Plaintiffs countered that […]

Political Speech - 5 Minute Message
15 September 2022

Political Speech Rights for Students and Staff

5 Minute Message Video Series In this 5 Minute Message, Miller Johnson attorney Adam Walker discusses guidelines for Michigan schools when it comes to political speech for students and educators. Watch the 5 Minute Message here.  Questions? Contact the author Adam Walker. Stay Connected With Us: Email: Want to receive Miller Johnson’s education law email […]

Michigan Court of Appeals Building Interior
06 May 2022

EGLE Loses FOIA Exemption Case

Recently, the Michigan Court of Appeals issued an unpublished decision in Jones Day v Dep’t of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy.  The case revolved around a Freedom of Information Act request that EGLE had denied based on FOIA’s exemption for requests for information pertaining “to a civil action in which the requesting party and the […]

Michigan Court of Appeals Building Interior
03 December 2021

Court Upholds Redaction of Names from Public Re...

In a recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision, Richman v Ingham County, the court addressed a citizen’s assertion that the County violated the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).  Richman had requested records relative to a complaint against two County 911 dispatchers over the alleged misuse of the Computer Assisted Dispatch (CAD) system.  The County provided […]

18 November 2021

Sixth Circuit Vacates, Will Re-Hear MDHHS Mask ...

In August, a panel of the Sixth Circuit heard a challenge to the (now‑rescinded) MDHHS mask order requiring the use of masks in Michigan schools.  The Plaintiffs asserted a number of arguments, but their main contention was that the mandate violated their free exercise of religion.  The trial court refused to put in place an […]