When political division and governmental change is creating an increasingly rocky and unstable landscape, we know what our clients need more than ever is a steady, knowledgeable hand to guide them through the rough terrain and a strong and clear voice of reason speaking up for them in all the places where decisions are being made.

Our Government Affairs practice is about improving our clients’ working relationships with their elected officials. We’re proud to take our mantra to the local, state and national governments deciding issues that affect the fates of our clients every day. There’s no time for nonsense when your livelihood is on the line.


Our Government Affairs team offers a policy-forward practice. Whether it is helping a county or municipality craft a smart policy around law enforcement reform, helping our private sector clients make informed decisions on governmental policy, or strategically solving issues at the state and local levels, we’re equal parts preventive and proactive. We ensure our clients understand and can adapt to new laws and regulations, and how those laws impact their business.

Our multi-disciplinary team uses experience and key relationships to help our clients by:

  • Informing and educating on the changing laws, rules, and executive orders, and how they impact YOU
  • Connecting with decision makers to help them understand how policies impact YOU
  • Engaging public sector clients in a full-range of services
  • Drafting and influencing policy at the state and local level
  • Litigating on behalf of both private and public sector clients
  • Drafting official public comment
  • Preparing individuals to testify before Congress or before a Congressional committee
  • Monitoring and tracing bills, and identifying key pressure points to influence pending bills and pending regulations
  • Advising candidates for public office on campaign compliance issues and campaign strategy

Vocal Leaders

We’re also there to be a voice for our clients in Washington, DC, Lansing, and at the local County Seat. We’re prepared to go to bat for our clients when the legislators just didn’t get it right and a court challenge is needed. Our Government Affairs team has expansive political relationships to help us connect our clients and ensure the best results for their organization. For decades, Miller Johnson has been advocating for clients in the public sphere, and helping our public sector clients with a full-range of legal service needs.

Diverse Viewpoints

We recognize that often the best ideas emanate from a wide range of perspectives coming together on a challenging issue. Comprised of attorneys from our corporate law, employment and labor, litigation, and private client practices, we offer a full-spectrum of technical expertise to meet our clients’ needs.

Ultimately our clients want to know we have their needs covered. By providing insight and resources, Miller Johnson keeps our clients assured in ever-changing political environments.