The Appellate practice group brings its expertise to bear in high-stakes and complex disputes that primarily turn on questions of law. In addition to traditional appeals in state and federal appellate and supreme courts, the Appellate group litigates critical or strategic trial court motions, often embedding with trial teams in order to design a consistent litigation strategy from the trial court through the appeal.

Parties and practitioners turn to the Appellate group for its demonstrated proficiency in state and federal appellate courts. Members of the practice group have successfully litigated appeals in courts across the country, including an appellate victory in a landmark Michigan Supreme Court case described by one of the justices as “perhaps the most substantial dispute ever presented to this Court.”

The Appellate group also possesses an active amicus brief practice. In this capacity, it has partnered with clients from a wide variety of industries and interest groups to file briefs supporting positions on legal issues of significant public interest.