Occupational Safety and Health

The Occupational Safety and Health Practice Group represents both private and public sector employers regarding workplace health and safety issues.

Our attorneys’ experience with employers includes the following:

  • Defending employers cited under OSH Act, MIOSHA, and similar laws
    • Significant proposed penalty citations
    • Difficult proposed abatement
    • Multi-employer liability
    • Overzealous inspections and investigations after accidents or complaints
  • Representing employers and employer officials in civil and criminal litigation arising out of workplace injuries and exposures, such as fatality and catastrophe incidents
  • Defending employers in discrimination charges brought under OSH Act, MIOSHA, Whistleblowers Protection Act, and similar laws
  • Compliance with OSH Act/MIOSHA regulations
    • Interpretation and application of rules and standards
    • Drafting safety and health compliance policies
    • Record-keeping and reporting requirements
    • Training employees
    • Developing safety plans and programs
    • Conducting self-audits
    • Variance requests
  • Consulting with employers before and during an OSH Act/MIOSHA inspection or investigation
    • Advance preparations to be ready for safety and health inspections
    • Advice on how to handle a difficult inspection or investigation in progress