The Occupational Safety and Health Practice Group represents both private and public sector employers regarding workplace health and safety issues.

Our attorneys’ experience with employers includes the following:

  • Defending employers cited under OSH Act, MIOSHA, and similar laws
    • Significant proposed penalty citations
    • Difficult proposed abatement
    • Multi-employer liability
    • Overzealous inspections and investigations after accidents or complaints
  • Representing employers and employer officials in civil and criminal litigation arising out of workplace injuries and exposures, such as fatality and catastrophe incidents
  • Defending employers in discrimination charges brought under OSH Act, MIOSHA, Whistleblowers Protection Act, and similar laws
  • Compliance with OSH Act/MIOSHA regulations
    • Interpretation and application of rules and standards
    • Drafting safety and health compliance policies
    • Record-keeping and reporting requirements
    • Training employees
    • Developing safety plans and programs
    • Conducting self-audits
    • Variance requests
  • Consulting with employers before and during an OSH Act/MIOSHA inspection or investigation
    • Advance preparations to be ready for safety and health inspections
    • Advice on how to handle a difficult inspection or investigation in progress