Agriculture and Farms

Whether it’s the Midwest climate, abundance of natural resources, being immersed in fresh water, ideal soil conditions, or proximity to major transportation hubs, Michigan is home to many farms and agriculture-based businesses.

Our services are as diverse as our clients.  Miller Johnson represents agribusiness companies and individuals owners daily.  We work with the region’s largest food processing, packaging, and distribution companies on employment and labor matters.  We also work with midsize and small nurseries and farms.  Suppliers and large grow operations rely on our real estate and business counsel for property and contract agreements, and individuals and families come to us for estate planning and business succession needs.  From farm to road to storefront, we provide protection, counsel, and representation every step of the way.

Being in west and southwest Michigan means we’re neighbors with many of our clients.  We try to offer as much as an invested partner as we do a legal counselor.  We want our clients to grow with us.  For example we:

  • Developed a detailed analysis of the business succession strategy, including the formation of trust, partnership, and gifting options for a client with agricultural real estate investments over $60 million
  • Assisted in the design and implementation of the intergenerational transfer of a large, $30 million dairy and crop farming operation from the third (G3) to the fourth generation (G4). Three third generation (G3) families and their children are involved in the farm operation
  • Offer an Employment Verification Compliance Handbook to prepare employers for participation with E-Verify™ and to assist with I-9 compliance
  • Represent farms and nurseries related to claims for crop damage, such as from defective fertilizer
  • Provide PACA counseling and litigation services to growers, suppliers, and sellers of fresh fruits and vegetables

And our capabilities extend to the breadth of our full-service firm, also including:

  • Family-owned Businesses and Closely-Held Companies
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Environmental
  • Property Taxation
  • Immigration
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Estate Planning