Personal Injury / Wrongful Death

Accidents can happen. Personal responsibility is important. But in some cases the actions of others may be the cause. Throughout our firm’s history we have handled plaintiffs’ wrongful death and serious personal injury cases with the same thoroughness and integrity common to our firm’s other practice groups. This part of our practice has grown over the years to where a number of our lawyers now concentrate their work in this area of the law. We’ve got experienced lawyers who really know what they’re doing.

We’ve handled cases involving:

  • Auto and truck accidents
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Auto no-fault claims
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Burn cases
  • Snowmobile accidents
  • Many other serious personal injury claims

If you are uncertain if your case has merit or is appropriate for Miller Johnson, it will cost you nothing to find out.  Your first consultation is free of charge.

Some people avoid large law firms for their personal injury and wrongful death claims because they fear higher fees. Miller Johnson handles these cases on the same contingency fee basis that single lawyers and small firms do. In contingency cases, if there is no recovery, there are no legal fees (though there may remain an obligation for expenses). So it won’t cost you more to retain our firm. Talk to us about fees, and we’ll be glad to explain how we can handle your case in a way that makes financial sense for you.

Why retain Miller Johnson?
You get aggressive, experienced lawyers. You won’t be dealing with attorneys who spend much of their time drafting wills, handling divorces and real estate transactions, and doing corporate work. At Miller Johnson you’ll be hiring lawyers who concentrate in these kinds of cases, who can give your case the benefit of “been there, done that.”

You will also get our team approach. Would you rather have one lawyer who has to know and do everything, or an experienced lead attorney backed up by a group of lawyers who practice in this area of the law and who can discuss what to do, how to resolve troubling issues, and what is the best judgment call to make in your case?

Our attorneys have experience in all related areas. Personal injury and wrongful death cases often touch on other areas of the law, such as probate, taxation, estate planning, collections, bankruptcy, employment, corporate law, etc. When that happens, we won’t be “winging it” as some lawyers might have to. Our firm has lawyers who concentrate in each of those areas and others as well. We have available to us a wide range of legal experience.

Plaintiffs’ medical malpractice cases? We don’t take them.
Our firm represents many medical professionals and providers, so as a matter of firm policy we don’t take any plaintiffs’ cases that allege medical malpractice. However, if you have such a claim, we can probably help guide you to excellent lawyers who practice in that area.

Outside experts: We’ve got the necessary access
Our firm has excellent access to outside accident reconstructionists, private investigators, doctors and nurses, engineers, safety experts, structured settlement companies, and the like. If your case needs outside experts, we know where to find them.

Prompt legal counsel is important
In personal injury and wrongful death cases, quality legal representation should always be obtained as soon as possible. Memories fade, witnesses disappear, accident scenes change, injuries heal. Some claims have very short notice requirements to preserve the claim. Statutes of limitation may completely bar meritorious claims where people wait too long to contact an attorney. Don’t delay.