18 October 2022

Unions On The March While The Board Bangs The Drum

With big recent wins at Amazon, Starbucks, Chipotle, Trader Joe’s, and a favorable economic and political climate, right now the wind is in the sails of the labor movement. Those winds are likely to grow stronger as the current leadership of the National Labor Relations Board identifies opportunities to revisit and recast decisions in order […]

LGBTQ+ Rights and Religious Accommodations
09 August 2022

(Sometimes) Irreconcilable Differences: LGBTQ+ ...

When Employers Are Stuck in the Middle More and more employers are finding themselves in the difficult position of dealing with objections from religious employees to DEI trainings or policies, or requests from coworkers to use preferred pronouns. Unfortunately, the law provides employers with limited guidance in this increasingly fraught area. What are employers to […]

Summer Scheduling
14 June 2022

Summer Schedules That Work for Everyone

With lakes, beaches, and cabins beckoning, few people enjoy spending Michigan’s magnificent summers in the office or on the factory floor. What to do when half your workforce wants Fridays off? Summertime offers a great chance for employers to use flexible scheduling to show their commitment to their employees, which can boost employee morale and […]

Lifeguard on Beach
14 June 2022

Summer [Working], Had Me a Blast . . .

Summer is here and school is out. For many kids that means it’s time for a summer job. (Not everyone can have the kind of carefree summer that Danny and Sandy did . . .) Michigan employers who hire these kids—expected to be about a quarter million this summer—are subject to the state’s Youth Employment […]