Miller Johnson’s employment & labor practice includes experience in arbitration, mediation, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) beyond traditional litigation. The Labor Arbitration and ADR Practice Group assists employers with drafting ADR/arbitration agreements for handbooks in non-union settings and helping employers administer these policies in an effective way to avoid litigation.

These policies typically involve an internal dispute resolution procedure, which employees are required to use if they have a complaint, and arbitration, if the matter is not resolved internally. Some policies may also have a mediation step built into the process, where a neutral party attempts to have the two parties reach a mutually agreeable resolution. If a dispute cannot be resolved, we represent employers in the resulting arbitration proceedings.

Additionally, since our Practice Group has a vast amount of experience with traditional labor law and numerous clients in unionized facilities, many of our clients have collective bargaining agreements with a grievance procedure culminating in arbitration. We, on a regular basis, assist our clients in preparing for arbitration and represent our clients at these proceedings.