16 May 2023

The Pandemic Is Over; What’s Left of Protected ...

After more than three years of COVID-19 compliance challenges in the United States, May 11, 2023 marked the end of the federal COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) declaration, as well as the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for Federal employees, Federal contractors, and international air travelers.[1] While many COVID-19 related laws expired long before the end of […]

07 February 2023

Watching What Happens: Earned Sick Time Act

By now you know that the Michigan Court of Appeals recently decided that the “adopt and amend” strategy that birthed the Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act did not violate the Michigan constitution. Read our January 26 Client Alert here.  This decision overturned a July 2022 ruling by the Michigan Court of Claims, and halts the […]

The New Normal
20 September 2022

Is COVID-19 Still Relevant at Work?

Here’s 3 reasons I think it is (and always will be!) I know, I know. We’re two-and-a-half years in and we’re all soooo over COVID-19. And, if the increase in traffic during the morning commute and lack of prime parking spaces close to the office are any indication, it certainly seems like employees have returned […]

2022 Employment Law Seminar
06 September 2022

Join Us For The Miller Johnson Annual Employmen...

Every year, as the calendar turns from August to September and mornings and evenings get a little cooler, I start to look forward to all things fall. For “normal-person me,” this means getting excited for back to school, the return of college football (GO GREEN!), and giving myself permission to bake some of my favorite […]

Ed Law 5 Minute Message
11 August 2022

What Michigan’s Latest Court Ruling About...

5 Minute Message Video Series In this 5 Minute Message, Miller Johnson attorney Sandy Andre examines what the Michigan Court of Claims ruling on minimum wage and paid medical leave means for schools. Watch the 5 Minute Message here.  Questions? Contact the author Sandy Andre. Stay Connected With Us: Email: Want to receive Miller Johnson’s […]

Workplace Violence
26 July 2022

Workplace Violence: Prevent and Protect

We always think that it won’t happen to us. That “things like this” don’t happen “here.” But recent shootings in workplaces across the county – like at a grocery store in Buffalo, at a school in Uvalde, and at a manufacturing facility in western Maryland – should prompt employers to consider what they can and […]

Mental Health
31 May 2022

A Reminder: Mental Health Matters

As we recognize and wrap-up May as Mental Health Awareness Month, the U.S. Department of Labor wants to remind us that the FMLA covers situations when an employee’s mental health condition inhibits them from working. In a Fact Sheet published this month, the DOL provided several helpful examples of mental health- related FMLA-triggering situations. Those […]

30 January 2020

Cold, Flu, Coronavirus: Likely Covered Under S...

Cold and flu season is upon us. For the week ending January 18, 2020, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services reports that 2.2% of all outpatient visits were due to care related to influenza-like symptoms. Additionally, on January 27, the Department of State issued a Level 3 Travel Advisory for all of China, […]

Vapor Instrusion
17 October 2019

Prohibited Substances: A Vocabulary Lesson

Do your workplace prohibited substances (Smoking or Drug) policies make distinctions between legal and illegal drugs? Do you use “cannabis,” “marijuana,” and “hemp” interchangeably? What about “vaping?” It’s important to understand the vernacular, to make sure your policies say (and, prohibit) what you think they say! Vaping: Vaping is considered the inhaling of vaporized substance. […]

25 September 2019

Peculiar Behavior and the ADA

You observe an employee acting oddly at work. But, the employee’s work has not suffered. You don’t think the employee is truly a harm to himself, but they’re just…a bit off. What can you do without violating the law? Specifically, how can an employer inform themselves on whether an employee’s odd behavior is actually a […]