National Employment Law Compliance

Our National Employment Law Compliance practice assists companies with employees and operations in more than one state on state-specific employment and labor law issues. We focus on delivering information and guidance based on continuous gathering of the latest developments and offering comprehensive legal advice to employers struggling to keep up.

We have an experienced team dedicated to providing strategic guidance to reduce risk and properly structure the employment of personnel coast-to-coast. In an increasingly mobile and remotely working society, employers are finding that their legal needs require a broad-based team capable of quickly identifying specific regulation and policies in each state they do business.  We are doing that work for you.

We offer specific resources, including our Compliance Bulletin, a bi-weekly inclusive summary of state-by-state legal developments that allows you to efficiently keep your finger on the pulse of employment laws that apply to your employees.

The National Employment Law Compliance practice offers comprehensive references for clients that help human resource professionals stay up-to-date on changes nationwide:

  • State-by-State Checklists: These detailed quick reference guides tell you what you need to know about employment laws in each state. Have an employee in California requesting school activities leave? Or a supervisor in Arizona who wants to discharge an employee with a medical marijuana card for a positive marijuana test? The checklists will tell you the law in each state and help guide your decisions.
  • State-Specific Policies: Handbook policies are not “one size fits all,” and your legally-compliant policies for one state might get you in hot water in another. We’ve developed individual handbook addenda for all 50 states so that your employee handbook sets the policies and expectations for all employees, regardless of where they work.