Mediation and Arbitration

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Miller Johnson attorneys are experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including:

  • Facilitative mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Early and late neutral evaluation
  • Summary jury trials
  • Mini-trials
  • Judicial settlement conferences

Utilization of one or more of these procedures in a given case can hold the promise of a satisfactory solution at a much faster pace and lower cost than trial. We understand it as part of our duty to each client to evaluate and discuss options for dispute resolution. Our goal is always to achieve the best result as expeditiously and economically as we can.

Miller Johnson attorneys have participated in hundreds of ADR proceedings of all types. Not only do Miller Johnson attorneys regularly represent their clients in all forms of ADR, but they serve as arbitrators, mediators, and evaluators in court actions and in proceedings before the American Arbitration Association, the Michigan Arbitration and Mediation Association, and a variety of industry-specific tribunals. All Miller Johnson litigation members regularly serve as case evaluators in federal and state courts. Two Miller Johnson attorneys are certified as facilitative mediators by the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan. This experience is invaluable in advising and representing our clients as they consider or utilize the several options for alternative dispute resolution.