Training and Guidance

Our Training & Guidance products are derived from original work we provide our clients on a daily basis. These proprietary offerings address a wide range of legal issues and give you an on-demand library of starting point documents, compliance kits, training, and service programs.

These offerings, individually or collectively, allow you to put legal, regulatory and risk management compliance into service immediately or serve as the foundation for your customization and strategic planning.

COVID-19 Workplace Guidance

Miller Johnson’s online COVID-19 Workplace Guidance provides a cost-effective one-stop shop for employers who are wrestling with the legal and practical consequences of a changed world.  For less than the cost of a typical handbook update, you gain access to an extensive collection of resources and Miller Johnson work product that we are confident will provide meaningful support to your efforts to navigate waters that are not only choppy but continuously changing direction.

National Employment Law Compliance (NELC) Bulletin

Our National Employment Law Compliance attorneys track legal developments coast-to-coast.  Every two weeks, we publish the NELC Bulletin – a subscription-based, straightforward, and comprehensive summary of legal developments from Maine to Hawaii. Subscriptions are available now for one, two, or three years.  The Compliance Bulletin helps you efficiently keep your finger on the pulse of employment laws without having to take the time to do the research yourself. Click here to view our coverage of a legal development that would be included in the NELC Bulletin.

Education COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Template

Miller Johnson has developed a Preparedness Plan template that combines the requirements of Executive Order 2020-142 with all of the “required,” “strongly recommended” and “recommended” protocols from the Roadmap. That template also includes guidance to help walk school administrators and their teams through Preparedness Plan development.

Title IX: New Regulations, New Frontier

The Education practice group has developed a comprehensive set of Title IX training materials and resources for school districts, including Awareness Training Video (approx. 60 min; recommended for all staff), Coordinator Training Video (approx. 2hr 15min; recommended for all admins), Title IX Forms (checklist, letters, all needed forms), Draft Title IX Policy, Draft Title IX Grievance Procedure, and Title IX Training Hypotheticals.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Audit and Compliance Preparedness Program

Miller Johnson has developed a PPP Audit and Compliance Preparedness program to offer clients a strategic solution to identify, gather and organize relevant documents and performance data to ensure their business is best positioned to comply with the ever-changing rules governing the Paycheck Protection Program.

HIPAA Training Videos for Employer Sponsor Health Plans and Business Associates

Miller Johnson has created two separate videos to meet the needs of Employer Health Plan Sponsors and Business Associates of Health Plans. For information on how to order the video appropriate for your organization, please continue reading.  Each video is less than one hour and can be viewed by employees from a desktop or laptop that has access to his or her work email address. The videos include multiple choice questions at various intervals to ensure employees are watching and engaged during the entire video.

HIPAA / HITECH Compliance Kit for Medical FSAs and HRAs

Miller Johnson has created a special abbreviated version of its regular employer health plan compliance kit for employers. The abbreviated kit is for employers who only must address HIPAA with respect to their medical FSAs, self-funded medical reimbursement plans and/or HRAs. This abbreviated kit is known as the medical FSA/HRA kit. (The reference to HRAs includes self-funded medical reimbursement plans.)

HIPAA / HITECH Compliance Kit for Employer Health Plans and Business Associates

Miller Johnson has prepared a compliance kit to assist employers in their capacity as health plan sponsors to update their HIPAA privacy and security procedures and documents for HITECH and the new final regulations.

OFCCP Veteran/Disability Compliance Kit

Miller Johnson’s OFCCP Veteran/Disability Compliance Kit, made up of a comprehensive binder and CD (or electronic version on flash drive), provides an explanation of all the new requirements and includes notices and forms, sample language and advice.