Title IX: New Regulations, New Frontier

Few legal issues have received the attention garnered by Title IX in recent years.  Driven by examples of prolific non-compliance at countless educational institutions across the country, the U.S. Department of Education issued new regulations in May 2020 that govern Title IX process and enforcement for all public schools, including the K-12 realm.  The regulations are prescriptive, detailed, and vital to organizational compliance.  The school district which fails to give full attention to issues associated with Title IX compliance – including updating its policies, grievance procedures, and training employees – places itself squarely in a vulnerable position.  The experts at Miller Johnson can help ensure you don’t find yourself in a liability posture.

General Title IX Resources

Need Training Materials and Resources?

The Education practice group has developed a comprehensive set of Title IX training materials and resources for school districts, including:

  • Awareness Training Video (approx. 60 min; recommended for all staff)
  • Coordinator Training Video (approx. 2hr 15min; recommended for all admins)
  • Title IX Forms (checklist, letters, all needed forms)
  • Draft Title IX Policy
  • Draft Title IX Grievance Procedure
  • Title IX Training Hypotheticals

Importantly, there is no limit on how many people within your organization may view the training videos (Awareness / Coordinator); once purchased, we hope you view it and share it within your district liberally!

While we offer these items on an a la carte basis, most of our clients have inquired about purchasing these items as a complete package.  Whatever you select, we can make the items available to you immediately. The complete Title IX training packet from Miller Johnson is priced at $1,600 for current Miller Johnson policy clients; $2,000 for all other school districts.

To obtain the complete training package OR for pricing on individual training resources and/or general questions about our Title IX resources, please email us at suttonk@millerjohnson.com.

Alternatively, we are always available to perform in-person training on this important topic.