MJ School Policy Services

Miller Johnson School Policy Services™

The Board is responsible for establishing the policies that govern the educational institution and do, or do not, promote student success and good relations in the educational community. Board policies should be clear, concise and tailored to meet the educational community’s needs. Is this an accurate description of your policies? Our experience as Education Law specialists suggests it is not. Our solution is the Miller Johnson School Policy Services™.

The Miller Johnson School Policy Services™ addresses several interrelated issues. For example, some Boards have not reviewed or updated their policies for years. Other Boards contract out policy development to large national companies that lack particular expertise in Michigan Education Law and whose policies can be expensive, overly-restrictive and, for the most part, lengthy and sometimes misleading attempts to restate the law. The end result is a hefty binder of policies and administrative procedures that no one reads or remembers. A set of rules that, when actually consulted, raise as many questions as answers and, in the worst cases, increase the likelihood of District liability or interfere with the reasonable exercise of discretion by the Board and District employees.

For a reasonable flat fee, the Miller Johnson School Policy Services™ provides clients with the policies and administrative procedures they need and deserve. The Miller Johnson School Policy Services™ delivers a set of clear and concise basic policies that include all policies required by federal and Michigan law and, in addition, those policies most educational institutions require to promote student success and good community relations. Most significantly the flat fee includes the full cost of the services of an Education Law specialist to walk the Board through the policy process, to adapt draft policies and administrative procedures to meet the needs of the educational institution and to revise or create any additional policies and administrative procedures necessary to meet the educational intuition’s unique needs and preferences.

For more information contact Kevin Sutton at suttonk@millerjohnson.com