29 May 2019

Self-Funded Employer Group Health Plans: Michigan’s New No-Fault Law Requires Action

Employers sponsoring self-funded group health plans with Michigan employees must re-examine their coordination of benefit rules as a result of the new Michigan no-fault reform legislation.  And, regardless of whether design changes are made, the law will require employers to educate employees as to their new coverage options and how to make sure they don’t […]

10 May 2019

Contractors Performing Highway, Road, Airport or Bridge Construction Work in Michigan Should Be Careful When Executing Subcontracting Agreements

In the aftermath of a labor dispute impacting road construction in Michigan, the Michigan Union Contractors Group (MUCG), a new group of unionized road contractors in Michigan, signed a new labor agreement with the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324.  That new labor deal may have significant impact on both union and non-union contractors […]

01 May 2019

Federal Department of Labor Decides Workers in “Gig Economy” are Independent Contractors, Not Employees

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Labor (“DOL”) announced its reversal of an Obama-era policy regarding “gig” workers, signaling that the DOL may be returning to a more permissive stance regarding the classification of workers as independent contractors. Under the Obama administration, the DOL issued guidance stating that most workers who were treated as independent […]

25 April 2019

EEO-1 Pay Data Reporting Resurrected

The Obama administration’s controversial pay and hours worked data reporting is back on.  Today a federal district court issued an order requiring some 60,000 covered employers to submit detailed pay data to EEOC this fall. Last month a federal judge in Washington, D.C. ordered the Trump administration to reinstate an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rule […]

26 March 2019

Start Your Engines: OFCCP Announces Companies to be Audited in 2019

As was discussed in the Two Minute Update – Beware The Ides Of March, the OFCCP released the first Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL) for 2019 yesterday.  The CSAL is advance notice of compliance reviews to be conducted during the fiscal year.  This year’s CSAL list also includes Section 503 Focused Reviews.  These audits will […]

20 March 2019

NO REST FOR THE WEARY: William Asa Fletcher, Michigan’s First Chief Justice

***This article originally appeared in the Official Publication of the Michigan Supreme Court Historical Society, Winter 2019 edition*** It is the rare individual whose life is marked by both distinction in life and distinction in death. But that is the story of Justice William Fletcher, Michigan’s first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. William Asa Fletcher was […]

08 March 2019

Big News on Overtime Pay: Labor Department Proposes $35k Minimum Salary for Overtime Exemptions

Late yesterday the U.S. Department of Labor announced its proposal for the minimum salary for employees to qualify for “white-collar” exemptions from overtime pay.  DOL set the new salary minimum at $679 per week, or $35,308 per year.  This proposal roughly splits the difference between the $47,800 minimum the Obama Administration proposed in 2016 and […]

20 February 2019

Deadline Approaching: Minimum Wage Changes and the Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act

In December, Governor Snyder signed the amendments that the Michigan legislature made to the state’s minimum wage laws and the Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act (MPMLA).  As you may recall, the minimum wage changes and the new MPMLA were the result of the Michigan legislature’s adoption of two ballot proposals, which the legislature later amended. […]

01 February 2019

EEO-1 Filing Deadline Extended

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) just announced that due to the partial lapse in appropriations, the opening of the Employer Information Report (EEO-1) has been postponed until early March 2019. The EEO-1 filing deadline has been extended to May 31, 2019. Filing the annual EEO-1 is mandatory for all employers in the private sector […]