04 August 2022

Introducing Miller Johnson Education Law’s 5 Minute Message Video Series

For the 2022-23 school year, the Miller Johnson Education practice group is bringing you a new video series, the 5 Minute Message. We envision this video series being like so many of the telephone calls we have with clients that start with, “Hey, do you have five minutes to talk about …?”

Each month, we plan to cover emerging topics and legal developments that our school clients need to be aware of.  Some topics include:

  • Political speech around campaign time;
  • The changes that will be taking effect later this year to the mandatory reporter law;
  • Second semester non-renewals and evaluations; and the
  • Legal developments as they happen throughout the course of the school year.

To get back into the flow of the new school year and during the month of August, we plan to provide you with important information regarding the recent developments that have happened here over the course of the summer and what you missed while you were away.

We also plan to discuss several of the key legal developments that we’ve seen here in the last six to eight weeks including:

Watch the first 5 Minute Message here.


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