Grant works in commercial real estate and environmental law. He helps his clients buy, sell, lease, and develop real property. When that property has environmental challenges, he helps his clients find a solution.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to real estate or environmental issues. Every property is unique. Grant takes every opportunity he can to learn about his clients, their sites, and their business so that he can approach every deal and project from their perspective — finding practical, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions that align with their goals and tolerance for risk.

Commercial Real Estate

Grant supports a range of clients in their real estate deals and projects, including sellers and buyers, landlords and tenants, developers and property owners, brokers, and design professionals. His work includes:

  • negotiating and drafting agreements for the purchase, sale, lease, or development of real property,
  • reviewing title work, surveys, and other due diligence materials for legal issues,
  • navigating local zoning and land use rules and applying for rezoning, variances, special use permits, planned use development (PUD) approvals, and site plan approvals,
  • drafting master deeds, bylaws, and other condominium documents for office, retail, residential, and mixed-use developments,
  • navigating the legal requirements of existing condominium documents and Michigan’s condominium act to advise developers, associations, and co-owners how to comply, and
  • negotiating and drafting agreements to resolve property disputes or establish unique property rights or restrictions, including easements for access or parking, building and use restrictions, and rights of first refusal (ROFR).


Grant advises his clients on current environmental rules and how to develop cost-effective strategies to comply with those rules and reduce environmental risk. His work includes:

  • reviewing Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, baseline environmental assessments, and due care plans for environmental issues,
  • advising sellers and buyers about environmental issues relating to real estate deals, mergers, and acquisitions, and how to avoid or limit environmental liability,
  • negotiating and drafting contractual terms relating to environmental risks in development projects, sales, and mergers and acquisitions, including representations and warranties, indemnities, and post-closing obligations,
  • negotiating and drafting site access agreement for environmental cleanup and remediation activities,
  • working with third parties to allocate responsibility for environmental remediation and define scopes of work,
  • responding to environmental claims asserted by the government or private parties, and
  • applying for permits relating to underground storage tanks (UST), solid waste management, inland lakes and streams, wetlands, and other natural resources.

Other Affiliations

Grant serves on the Political Affairs and Government Committee of the Commercial Alliance of Realtors of West Michigan and on the Pastoral Council of the Basilica of St. Adalbert.