08 August 2023

Demands/Settlement Offers from Trex Properties LLC

Several clients have received letters on behalf of Trex Properties LLC for alleged contamination associated with a former Detrex Corporation facility at 12886 Eaton Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. These letters claim the recipients are liable for response costs to investigate and remediate the contamination under CERCLA (Superfund) and Michigan law. The letters then make a “one-time cash-out settlement” offer for Trex to release and indemnify the recipients from specific claims, subject to the terms of an accompanying Settlement Agreement. Any recipients who do not accept their offer by August 31st are threatened to be made subject to a federal lawsuit to be filed by early September.

If you have received a similar letter, and if you have questions about the claims being made or the terms of the settlement offer, please contact Neil Marchand ( and Grant Schertzing (