22 November 2023

Education’s MJ School Policy Services Offers A Personnel Policy Package

The changes in labor law in Michigan this year have been significant, and your School District needs policies and regulations that comply with the new law.

Specifically, sections 1248 and 1249 of the Revised School Code have been modified and require school districts to have in place clear and transparent policies or procedures relative to:

  • teacher placement,
  • staff and program reductions,
  • filling teacher vacancies, and
  • teacher and administrator evaluations.

Moreover, the prohibited subjects of bargaining that would normally allow school districts to make unilateral decisions on these topics are going away effective February 13, 2024So, time is of the essence!

Have no fear, the Miller Johnson Education Law Team has you covered. 

Due to the importance of these policies and regulations, Miller Johnson is offering the opportunity for school districts that are not part of the MJ School Policy ServicesTM to purchase the necessary policies and administrative regulations (or procedures) to make sure you are compliant with the changing law and to set the standard your school district will abide by going into collective bargaining.


The entire package is available for a total price of $1,000.

How to Order:

If you are interested, please email a completed order form to Miller Johnson School Policy Services to purchase the Personnel Policy Package or to get more information.