10 June 2024

OFCCP Publishes New Scheduling List

This past Friday, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) published its newest list of federal contractors whom it will begin scheduling for a compliance audit.

Contractors who appear on the scheduling list should start preparing as we expect OFCCP to begin their audits of listed establishments soon.  Once initiated, a contractor only has 30 days to provide the significant amount of information requested in an audit.  A copy of the OFCCP’s current scheduling letter, which lists the information that will be requested, may be accessed here.

OFCCP stated that, in selecting contractors to audit, it prioritized locations within each regional office’s jurisdiction with the highest employee counts, based on its review of contractors’ 2021 EEO-1 filings.

Also, remember that the deadline for contractors to certify their AAPs on OFCCP’s Contractor Portal is July 1.  More information on the certification process can be found at our previous client alert here.  Failing to certify annual AAP compliance may increase the risk that a contractor will be selected for a future OFCCP audit.

If your company appears on the new scheduling list, please reach out to the authors for help preparing for the upcoming audit.