31 July 2023

Supreme Court Decides Andary: Victory for Medical Providers and Their Patients

The Andary decision is in! Today, the Michigan Supreme Court released the long-awaited Andary opinion. The Court has ruled that the 2019 amendments to the no-fault act limiting reimbursement for covered medical expenses DO NOT APPLY to people injured in motor vehicle accidents before June 11, 2019. Instead, the pre-amendment limitations of “reasonable and customary” apply to those accidents. This is a significant victory for injured persons and their medical providers who risked having their no-fault reimbursements permanently and dramatically reduced under the 2019 fee caps.

A link to the full opinion can be found here

If you have any questions about the Andary decision and its effect on your claims, please contact any member of Miller Johnson’s Medical Recovery Group. We are here to help.