22 May 2024

Michigan Growth Advisors – Latest News – PlazaCorp Realty Advisors Receives Approval of a Michigan Community Revitalization Program Loan

On May 21st PlazaCorp Realty Advisors received approval of a Michigan Community Revitalization Program Loan from the Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) to facilitate the redevelopment of the Lawrence and Chapin building in downtown Kalamazoo. The project, which will be known as Ironworks, will facilitate the redevelopment of an existing vacant commercial building that was used exclusively as office space into a mix of uses. The redeveloped ground floor is anticipated to be occupied by a new restaurant, Bobcat Bonnies, while the remainder of the building will be converted to residential with a total of 82 units.  The project includes a 3-story addition onto the west end of the current structure, increasing the building height to 5-stories.  Housing units in the project are intended to be offered at a range of affordable and attainable rates, including approximately 40% of units that will be designated for workforce housing units to households earning between 80%-120% of the Kalamazoo County median income and 3 units dedicated to households earning 60% or below of the Kalamazoo County median income. The development helps to provide needed affordable and workforce housing in the downtown core. The total capital investment on the project is anticipated to be approximately $32.7 million dollars and with the full incentive package now approved, construction is anticipated to begin within the coming weeks.

Today’s MSF approval follows previous approvals by the City of Kalamazoo of a Brownfield Plan which authorizes Tax Increment Financing along with a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone tax abatement. Michigan Growth Advisors provided incentive structuring and support to the developer for the state and local incentive package on the project, which has a combined value of approximately $7.6 million.

Written by: Joe Agostinelli, Michigan Growth Advisors Founder   |   269.567.0669

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