12 April 2023

Episode 38 – Understanding Laws Protectin...

Miller Johnson attorneys Rebecca Strauss and Sarah Willey discuss laws that prevent companies from punishing employees to who test positive for marijuana as well as how employers should handle ADA requests related to marijuana. You can also listen to this and future episodes by subscribing to the “Lawyers Off the Clock” podcast on: Apple Podcasts […]

22 March 2023

Episode 37 – With Marijuana Legal, How Sh...

Despite a federal law banning marijuana, a majority of states allow marijuana use in some form. In this episode of Employment Lawyers Talk Off the Clock, Miller Johnson attorneys Rebecca Strauss and Sarah Willey discuss whether companies should continue drug testing job candidates and what innovations to consider when testing current employees that are suspected […]

Vapor Instrusion
17 October 2019

Prohibited Substances: A Vocabulary Lesson

Do your workplace prohibited substances (Smoking or Drug) policies make distinctions between legal and illegal drugs? Do you use “cannabis,” “marijuana,” and “hemp” interchangeably? What about “vaping?” It’s important to understand the vernacular, to make sure your policies say (and, prohibit) what you think they say! Vaping: Vaping is considered the inhaling of vaporized substance. […]