07 February 2023

Watching What Happens: Earned Sick Time Act

By now you know that the Michigan Court of Appeals recently decided that the “adopt and amend” strategy that birthed the Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act did not violate the Michigan constitution. Read our January 26 Client Alert here.  This decision overturned a July 2022 ruling by the Michigan Court of Claims, and halts the […]

Election Leave
01 November 2022

Election Season: What Employers Should Know Abo...

It’s midterm season. Signs of the upcoming election are everywhere. Commercials on tv and radio. Signs at every intersection. Text messages. So many text messages. HOW DID THEY GET MY NUMBER?!? Sorry . . . we’ll save that for another time. Back on topic: it’s news to no one that November 8 is the day […]

The New Normal
20 September 2022

Is COVID-19 Still Relevant at Work?

Here’s 3 reasons I think it is (and always will be!) I know, I know. We’re two-and-a-half years in and we’re all soooo over COVID-19. And, if the increase in traffic during the morning commute and lack of prime parking spaces close to the office are any indication, it certainly seems like employees have returned […]