05 August 2021

Reminder: Schools Must Display Suicide Prevention Hotline on ID Cards by October 15

Last October, the Michigan Legislature passed the Save Our Students Act, which mandates certain requirements for school districts in an effort to prevent youth suicide and facilitate student access to supports.

Included in the law is a requirement that, effective October 15, 2021, school districts that offer any of grades 6-12 and that issue identification (ID) cards to students must display a local, state, or national suicide prevention hotline phone number printed on each ID card.  Districts may choose which hotline, but the number must be one that is accessible to students 24/7.

The law also calls for the Department of Health and Human Services to develop or adopt reference material and resources for students pertaining to depression, anxiety, and suicide prevention.  School districts will be able to request this material, and schools offering grades 6-12 are strongly encouraged to display these resources on the school’s webpage, in a counselor’s office, or in a principal’s office.