17 March 2015

Temporary Reinsurance Program Fee Announced For 2016

The amount of the temporary reinsurance program fee has been set for 2016, the final year of the program. Health Care Reform imposes an annual fee on group health plans that provide major medical coverage. The purpose of the fee is to fund a temporary reinsurance program for insurers in the individual market. The fee […]

10 March 2015

Elder Law and Medicaid: Paying a Non-Family Caregiver? DHS May Call it Divestment

A recent Michigan Court of Appeals decision has played havoc on the rules surrounding payments to non-family caregivers. DHS rules regarding payments to caregivers state that payments are divestment in two situations: 1) prospective payments made to any caregiver (family or non-related) before care is provided, and 2) payments to family caregivers absent a Medicaid […]