22 May 2020

Webinar: Countdown To Michigan No-Fault Reform: Are You Ready For July 1?

Michigan no-fault reform takes effect for new and renewing policies issued on or after July 1, 2020. Not only must drivers get ready for the changes—employers must also prepare. Are you ready?

Mary Bauman and Tripp VanderWal discuss key issues employers must address.

Topics to be covered at the webinar include:

  • How will your employer group health plan coordinate benefits with Michigan no-fault? What factors impact your response?
  • Is your plan fully-insured or self-funded?
  • Do you have out-of-state employees and should having two sets of coordination rules be considered?
  • If you decide to pay secondary to no-fault, can that rule enable a participant to waive PIP, thus shifting all costs for an auto accident to your plan?
  • If you exclude the first $250,000 in expenses, are there any ACA concerns with that approach? Also, will your third party administrator be able to implement?
  • How will no-fault reform impact your short term disability plan when employees are injured in an auto accident?
  • Is there any required employee communication? Is there any employee communication which you should consider even if not required?