30 April 2021

Vacc to the Future

Yesterday, Governor Whitmer unveiled a new four step plan called “MI VACC to Normal.” The plan is based on the percentage of eligible Michiganders who have the received their first vaccination. As Michigan progresses through each step, orders limiting things like in person work and restaurant capacity will be lifted:

  • 55% of Michiganders (4,453,304 residents), plus two weeks
    • Allows in-person work for all sectors of business.
  • 60% of Michiganders (4,858,150 residents), plus two weeks
    • Increases indoor capacity at sports stadiums to 25%.
    • Increases indoor capacity at conference centers/banquet halls/funeral homes  to 25%.
    • Increases capacity at exercise facilities and gyms to 50%.
    • Lifts the curfew on restaurants and bars.
  • 65% of Michiganders (5,262,996 residents), plus two weeks
    • Lifts all indoor % capacity limits, requiring only social distancing between parties.
    • Further relaxes limits on residential social gatherings.
  • 70% of Michiganders (5,667,842 residents), plus two weeks
    • Lifts the Gatherings and Face Masks Order such that MDHHS will no longer employ broad mitigation measures unless unanticipated circumstances arise, such as the spread of vaccine-resistant variants.

The immediate question for businesses and individuals around the state is: “When will we reach Step 1? Step 2? Step 3? Step 4?”  The answer to that question obviously depends on how quickly people receive their initial vaccination. 1.3 million Michiganders received their initial dose in April. That is a pace of about 300,000 each week and similar to the rate in March.  Just yesterday 64,000 Michiganders received their initial dose. With that jump in vaccinations, Michigan went from 48.8% to 49.6% vaccinated. The table below outlines when Michigan will reach each step based on different vaccination rates.[1]

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Dates include the two week waiting period after each vaccination goal is reached. Numbers are based on “Coverage” data from the Michigan COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard.