21 December 2015

How to Prevent Employee Questions about the New Form 1095-C

Imagine this: It’s February 1, 2016 and employees just received their Forms 1095-C. It feels pretty good because on New Year’s Eve you weren’t sure how this project would get done on time. Now, just as you are about to relax (or more realistically, get started on all of your projects that you neglected while you focused on Forms 1095-C), your phone rings. It’s an employee wondering what is this new Form 1095-C and why is he receiving it. Your phone won’t stop ringing and your email inbox is filling up at a rate that makes the rate you typically receive spam seem like molasses in the wintertime. And, the worst part: all of the employees’ questions are the same. If only you had anticipated these questions!

Well, Miller Johnson has anticipated these questions. We have developed a one-page document with “frequently asked questions” that addresses the most likely questions asked by employees. Additionally, for those unanswered questions, you can direct the employee to the most appropriate individual within your organization to accurately answer those questions.

The best part, we will customize this FAQ document to your organization for a flat fee of $100.

If you are interested in this FAQ document, please contact Tripp VanderWal at 616-831-1796 or We will send you a very brief questionnaire that will allow us to customize the FAQ document to your organization.