18 May 2018

Dell Pays $2.9 Million in OFCCP Case

The OFCCP is continuing its streak of high profile, multi-million dollar settlements.  Earlier this week OFCCP announced that it had resolved an audit with Dell EMC for $2.9 million in back wages and interest.  The OFCCP alleged that Dell EMC paid women and African Americans in various engineering, marketing, sales and manufacturing positions at its California and North Carolina facilities less than their similarly situated white male coworkers.  This alleged discriminatory pay practice was uncovered doing a routine compliance audit.

Details of the settlement are as follows:

Date: May 14, 2018
Employer: Dell EMC
Positions: Engineering, Marketing, Sales and Manufacturing
Nature of Claim: Compensation Discrimination
Amount Involved: $2.9 Million in Back Pay and Interest. Pay adjustments and review of compensation practices.

This agreement signals that the OFCCP is continuing its focus on equal pay issues in every audit.  Miller Johnson’s Affirmative Action and Government Contractors Practice Group will continue to keep you updated on future OFCCP trends and significant settlement cases.