17 December 2019

Miller Johnson Marks Decade of Holiday Donations

Miller Johnson is celebrating the law firm’s 10th consecutive year of making holiday donations on behalf of its clients to community organizations in lieu of gifts.

Four local organizations will receive special donations this holiday season:

  • Pine Rest Foundation – Patient Assistance Fund
  • Family & Children Services – HANDLE WITH CARE Fund
  • Grand Rapids Pride Center – Youth Cyber Lab
  • CARES Kalamazoo – OUT PROUD SAFE



The Pine Rest Foundation exists to provide Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services with financial resources and community support so its ministry of love and healing in Christ’s name can flourish and be enhanced. No one should have to choose whether to get care for depression, anxiety, marital difficulties, dementia, stress, or addictions because of the cost of treatment. With that in mind, a donation was made to the Pine Rest Patient Assistance Fund (PAF). The PAF is available to individuals and families who come to Pine Rest for care but have limited resources to pay for treatment. To learn more about the Pine Rest Foundation visit

Family & Children Services received a contribution to help deliver on its mission to support, strengthen and preserve the safety, well-being and dignity of children, individuals and families. For 116 years the Agency has provided best practice child welfare, behavioral health and crisis services that include: Family Preservation & Parenting Support, Foster Care and Adoption, Shelter Foster Care, Outpatient & School-Based Counseling, Social and Emotional Learning, Community Based Mental Health, Mobile Crisis Response and Crisis Residential and Respite services. In 2018, 8,262 individuals were served, 4,980 of them children.

The contribution will support Family & Children Services HANDLE WITH CARE Fund that provides a unique and critical safety net for thousands of individuals and families who turn to Family & Children Services as a source of hope. HANDLE WITH CARE meets immediate needs and provides critical services when there is no other source in the community.

“HANDLE WITH CARE supports urgent needs that come up in a moment of crisis. Every dollar donated goes directly to meet that critical need—auto repairs, household necessities, rent and mortgage payments, trauma treatment, utilities, furniture basics, educational needs, and more.” says Courtenay VanderMolen, Director of Resource Development at Family & Children Services.

“We are so grateful for this contribution. It makes it possible to support our clients this holiday season and in their moment of greatest need.” To learn more about Family & Children Services visit

The Grand Rapids Pride Center received a contribution to purchase new laptop computers to be used in their new cyber lab. Having these computers available will bring internet access to many of the youth they serve enrolled in online courses or are homeschooled. After years of improvement in school climate, LGBTQ students are facing more hostile environments in the classroom. While rates of actual physical harassment have remained the same, the frequency of verbal harassment of transgender students increased between 2015 and 2017, after years of decline. This has made it an uneven environment for learning and growth. This is why so many kids attending the Pride Center’s youth group have done online courses. But online courses are not enough, they need to have social interactions and community involvement. That is why the cyber lab is so important. Now, youth can do some of their homework and learning in an environment dedicated to their lives and their futures, with adults able to help guide them safely as they traverse the internet. The lab will also be used by the center’s PROUD TO BE HEALTHY coordinator to assist community members in connecting to medical and mental health resources, filling out job applications, applying for housing, food, and social benefits. According to Thomas Pierce, the Pride Center’s Executive Director, “With over a quarter of all LGBTQ folk living in poverty, this lab will be a lifeline to students and adults to a better, healthier and more productive life.” To learn more about the Grand Rapids Pride Center visit

CARES (Community AIDS Resource and Education Services of Southwestern Michigan) OUT PROUD SAFE (OPS) program works to end homelessness among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer youth ages 13-24 years old. Working closely with a coalition of local youth serving organizations, OPS provides case management services for homeless individuals and identifies key community resources for LGBTQ youth, families, and service providers. This program also offers cultural competency training to educate organizations on LGBTQ youth and increase competence in discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with youth. To learn more about CARES visit

“We are very proud as a firm to offer support on behalf of our clients,” said Bob Wolford and Craig Lubben, Managing Members of Miller Johnson. “The four organizations chosen during this year, our firm’s 60th Anniversary, provide crucial services to vital members of West Michigan and Southwest Michigan. We trust that our client base encourages our ongoing efforts to help agencies and organizations that operate for the benefit of all in our communities. We say thanks to our clients in return for their confidence in our legal services with these donations that broaden our collective impact.”

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