15 December 2017

Miller Johnson Holiday Contributions Benefit Bronson Children’s Hospital, Villages of Hope and Girls Choral Academy

On behalf of its clients, Miller Johnson is continuing a long-held holiday custom of contributing to community and organizations needing support. This year, the west Michigan firm is donating to three charitable organizations that serve the needs of children through caregiving, rescue, education and opportunity.

Bronson Health Foundation received a contribution for its mission to support Bronson Children’s Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan, by enhancing programs and the hospital environment to ensure an exceptional patient and family experience. The donation will be used to purchase new pediatric cribs. Replacing cribs that have been in service for up to 25 years with new, state of the art cribs has been identified as an important need for the smallest patients at the Bronson Children’s Hospital. These cribs are primarily used for children under the age of two. Newer cribs have head and foot boards that lower, which in emergency situations can expedite necessary interventions. The cribs can also carry equipment on their base, so oxygen tanks and other supplies can be stored and transported.

Older cribs are made of metal and often make screeching noises when they are raised or lowered. The newer cribs are made with hard plastic, so they are quieter. The plastic also gives the cribs rounder edges and corners which make them safer and easier to use.

“We strive to create the most comfortable and safest experience for our small patients in the Children’s Hospital,” stated Heather Oestrike Schripsema, major gift officer for the Bronson Health Foundation. “Thank you very much for thinking of Bronson Children’s Hospital.  It is greatly appreciated!”

Villages of Hope / All Kids Can Learn International received a contribution to support their mission to rescue and care for orphaned and vulnerable children seeking economic sustainability.  In 2006, 230 acres were purchased in the Chibomba District, 50 kilometers north of Lusaka, in the country of Zambia. Since then, the village has accomplished: taken in at-risk children who have no one else to care for them, started several medium-sized businesses to financially support the village, and founded the School of Hope. As 2017 ends, Villages of Hope is providing for 86 orphaned and vulnerable children in Zambia.  600 students and 130 employees are part of the overall program.

“In our area, every one with a job has 7-8 beneficiaries, that is needing support and help to have food, or school fees, or seed to plant in the rainy season, or money for medicine,” said Kathleen Schwartz, Director of the School of Hope. “We have so many things going on and the needs are great, so we are thankful that you wanted to be part of this.”

Girls Choral Academy received a contribution to assist in providing excellent music education in a safe and positive setting where girls can explore a varied repertoire of choral music. Founded in 1997, the Academy encourages and teaches girls to excel as artists and musicians while providing opportunities for girls to collectively learn self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills. The Academy cultivates confident musicians and strong community stewards and historically performs three major concerts each school year involving girls in tuition-based choirs and after-school program choirs.

“Our scholarship program and tuition–free Grandville Avenue program serves diverse children in the Grand Rapids Public Schools,” said Angela Devries, Development Director of Girls Choral Academy.  “We are so honored you thought of us, and are so happy to accept Miller Johnson’s donation.”

“Each year our firm’s holiday donations on behalf of our varied and valued clients allow us to enrich the community,” said Craig Mutch, Managing Member of Miller Johnson. “These three organizations, and especially the children that will ultimately benefit from their services, are extremely worthy of our attention, partnership, and support.  They are all doing great things in their respective communities to help the lives of those in need.  We are honored to contribute to their ongoing efforts.”

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