06 August 2020

Discipline, Documentation and Discharge

This workshop will provide a comprehensive review of the principles and practices of sound discipline and effective documentation.

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19 August 2020

Conducting Effective Investigations in the Workplace

The quality of your workplace investigation often determines whether you make a good decision or a bad one, and can determine whether you win or lose “the case.” A poorly conducted investigation can create a liability that you didn’t have before – so it’s critical to get it right.

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25 August 2020

Employment Record Keeping and Personnel Files

This workshop is a ‘deep-dive’ into the varied and complex world of employment-related records that must be maintained by employers, the laws that govern employment record keeping and advice on managing, organizing, retaining and disclosing those records in what format and for how long. Paper personnel records/files vs. electronic storage and retrieval? We’ll cover it. Former employee personnel files? We’ll cover it. We’ll also cover a wide variety of reports that must be maintained and/or submitted to government enforcement agencies.

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09 September 2020


This presentation is for HR professionals of all levels. We will cover the essentials of good FMLA systems and discuss the most common areas of confusion and frustration. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from both the legal experts and other HR professionals.

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