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16 January 2020

Ballot Initiative Pushes to Prohibit Discrimina...

A new front opened up recently in the fight over protections for LGBTQ employees in the workplace.  A group called Fair and Equal Michigan launched a ballot initiative to broaden Michigan’s civil rights laws to include protection of people from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender in employment, housing, and public accommodations.  If the […]

NLRB Books
09 January 2020

Back to the Future: NLRB Rules Employers Are A...

Late in 2019, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a decision that is welcome news to unionized employers. In Valley Hospital Medical Center, the NLRB ruled that employers can now stop collecting dues payments for the union upon expiration of a collective bargaining agreement, at least until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is […]

19 December 2019

Happy Holidays from The Personnel Files!

We appreciate everyone who has stopped by to check out our blog and especially those of you who have given us feedback and encouragement.  We’ll return to providing regular updates after the holidays, as there are plenty of updates to keep us all busy. In the meantime, as you prepare for your office (and maybe […]

Lactation Room
12 December 2019

California Employers – Are You Ready For ...

California employers are already required to provide non-exempt employees with a reasonable amount of break time to express milk for their infants in a “private place.” And fortunately for the infants consuming that milk, the “private place” cannot be a bathroom. Effective January 1, 2020, however, California will take the duty to accommodate nursing mothers […]

05 December 2019

“OK, Boomer” and Other Ageist Langu...

“OK, Boomer.”  This two-word phrase has been included in memes and countless Twitter posts recently.  Along with “OK, Millennial,” it references a generational debate that has picked up steam in recent years, especially on social media.  These phrases often are used to belittle or dismiss a person’s thoughts or opinion based on the generation in […]

21 November 2019

Service And Support Animals in the Workplace: ...

We often receive questions from clients about requests that both employees and customers (or patients) make to bring emotional support or service animals into the workplace.  Here’s a quick primer on what employers need to know about service and emotional support animals: What is the difference? A service animal is a dog (or sometimes a […]

chianlink fence
14 November 2019

NLRB Continues Trend of Limiting Union Access t...

In recent years, the NLRB has been rolling back past decisions that reduced employers’ property rights and granted individuals’ access to an employer’s property to engage in union activity.  In Bexar County Performing Arts Center Foundation, 368 NLRB 46 (Aug. 23, 2019), the NLRB took another step in that direction.  Bexar follows on the heels […]

Statue of Liberty
07 November 2019

TRO Issued for Immigration-related Presidential...

On October 4, 2019 President Trump issued a Presidential Proclamation suspending entry of prospective immigrants to the United States who will financially burden the United States healthcare system. Under the proclamation foreign nationals would be limited from entering the U.S. on an immigrant visa (as a Legal Permanent Resident or “Green Card” holder) unless the […]

State Capital in Lanssing
31 October 2019

Next Stop on the Overtime Roller Coaster: Michigan

On October 24, Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced a sweeping and expansive proposal to extend overtime protections to hundreds of thousands of Michigan’s workers.  The proposal, which is technically a “Request for Rulemaking” to amend the Michigan Administrative Code, calls on the Wage and Hour Division to change the salary test for employees to “better […]

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24 October 2019

Michigan Attorney General Ramps Up Investigatio...

On April 22, 2019, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced the formation of a new Payroll Fraud Enforcement Unit, which is tasked with investigating accusations of payroll fraud and “wage theft” against Michigan businesses. The AG’s Office has reportedly been receiving complaints at a steady pace since the announcement of the new unit and has […]