05 December 2019

“OK, Boomer” and Other Ageist Langu...

“OK, Boomer.”  This two-word phrase has been included in memes and countless Twitter posts recently.  Along with “OK, Millennial,” it references a generational debate that has picked up steam in recent years, especially on social media.  These phrases often are used to belittle or dismiss a person’s thoughts or opinion based on the generation in […]

21 November 2019

Service And Support Animals in the Workplace: ...

We often receive questions from clients about requests that both employees and customers (or patients) make to bring emotional support or service animals into the workplace.  Here’s a quick primer on what employers need to know about service and emotional support animals: What is the difference? A service animal is a dog (or sometimes a […]

23 September 2019

Welcome to The Personnel Files

Welcome to The Personnel Files, a Miller Johnson blog concerning all things Employment Law.  The days of the hard copy newspaper, newsletter and other periodicals are mostly gone.  Today’s HR professionals and leaders are interested in having real time updates and notices on important, new, or interesting developments that may impact their organizations and employees. […]